The MAC Partnership is an advisory services firm that brings together three constituencies for the benefit of corporations and other organizations.

Managers are the M of the MAC Partnership. We work for Managers of large organizations looking for complex answers to difficult problems. Our relations are personal. We work on general management problems requiring customized approaches. We selectively sponsor methodologies applied with success by Managers inside their own organization.

Academics are the A of the MAC Partnership. We build unique partnerships with Academics. They give us unique access to interesting problems through the relationships they build with their own clients. We respect their unique role with clients and the integrity of their models. They also provide original frameworks, which we selectively help develop, test and apply under their control.

Consultants are the C of the MAC Partnership. We are leadership catalysts, not consultants pushing large teams on you to meet their own profit objectives. We build longstanding relationships with our clients. On occasion, we selectively partner with solo advisors with access to interesting client relationships or original methodologies.

In addition to our Consulting Services, we also provide Next Practice Consortium Services. We put together and manage groups of companies or organizations that wish to share emerging best practices -- which we call Next Practices -- globally in a noncompetitive, highly visual environment. These Best Practice Consortia are a highly cost-effective way to develop insights for many organizations, and are usually built around a conceptual framework.

We define our practice domain as Customer-Inspired Innovation. We focus on strategic innovation as the key to business success. We believe that existing and prospective customers are the best source of inspiration for new ideas.